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What is an energy channel or nadi?

What is an energy channel or nadi?

The Kundalini travels throughout your body by way of three energy channels, or nadis. The three nadis are the left channel, the right channel and the center channel. All three work perfectly together to integrate and balance the flow of your Kundalini. Each also plays a specific role in maintaining your emotions, moods and physical health. 

Each of the chakras is located on all the three channels. As the Kundalini energy rises through the central channel, it nourishes each chakra, the center, left and right side of each chakra. At the 7th or Sahasrara chakra, it achieves a connection with the all-pervading divine energy. The opening of the Sahasrara chakra thus facilitates the flow of the divine energy through this opening back into the three nadis nourishing the chakras again.

All this happens in a split second and nearly instantaneously. Also the rising of the Kundalini energy really means that a few strands of the thread-like Kundalini energy rise. 

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