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The Nadis (Energy Channels)

The Nadis (Energy Channels)

Within our subtle system there are 3 energy channels. They correspond to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

A. The Right Channel

  • The right channel corresponds to our physical and mental activity.
  • It ends with the ego on the left side of the brain.
  • Ego gives us the idea and sense of individuality.
  • The right channel is the conduit for our energy of action.

B. The Left Channel

  • The left channel corresponds to our past, emotions and desires.
  • It ends with the superego on the right side of the brain.
  • The superego stores our memories, habits and conditionings.
  • The greatest quality of the left side is joy, which is the nature of the spirit.

C. The Central Channel

  • The central channel is the channel of our ascent and spiritual growth.
  • It is the conduit which sustains our evolution and guides us, consciously or unconsciously towards higher levels of awareness culminating in the Sahasrara, our uppermost chakra.

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