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How does the Kundalini flow? How is it awakened?

The Kundalini flows throughout our body using the three main vertical energy channels, or nadis. Along the way, it flows through our seven principal energy centers, also known as chakras. The seven chakras are located at the sites of our main nerve plexuses. Each nerve plexus is a network of interlaced nerves.  The residual energy settles into the triangular-shaped sacrum bone at the base of our spine. This bone is located slightly above the first chakra. There, the residual energy lays dormant, waiting to be awakened.

Flow of Kundalini Shakti

Once our residual energy has been awakened during the process of Self-Realization, a few strands of the Kundalini rise up through our spinal column. They pass through each of the remaining six chakras. As this happens, we typically feel vibrations or a tingling sensation at the top of our head (the fontanelle area) and in our hands. It is the same sensation you experience in your first Sahaja Yoga class or program.

As you practice the simple meditation techniques in Sahaja Yoga, you will learn to raise the Kundalini energy on an ongoing basis. As a result, you will enjoy better health, better focus, and a deeper understanding of the universe and your place within it.

While every element in nature emits vibrations, it is only through the awakening of your Kundalini that you can develop the sensitivity to feel those vibrations. Cool (not cold) vibrations indicate balance. Hot, tingling vibrations indicate an imbalance.

Your Kundalini, is a primordial energy — the source of all energy. It is pure and cannot be corrupted or destroyed. It is a living energy that knows how to act. It obeys its own laws, rising upward against the force of gravity, like fire. And like fire, it purifies, consumes and cleanses imperfections. When you feel heat in your hands during meditation, you are generally feeling all that is negative leaving your body.

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